Glistening Summer on a Rural Island Beach

“Enjoy the ocean breeze and clear waters on Kesennuma’s Island beach”

1. Welcome to Kesennuma!

If you want to rest first after your journey, check-in to a nearby hotel. If you’re hungry, look for a restaurant nearby hear. Now let’s begin the adventure…

2. Kesennuma Port Ferry Terminal

Let’s begin by visiting the Kesennuma Port, where your boat will depart from. For best method of transportation from your location to the port, click here. Boat rides are roughly 20 min. in relatively calm waters. Bon voyage!

3. Oshima Island (Uranohama) Port

Once arriving on Oshima Island, the walk to Odanohama beach is 2km (1.3 mi) and there are special buses that will take you to the beach during the summer months as well.

4. Odanohama Beach

A beautiful crescent shaped beach spreading across the eastern side of the island. The beach was designated in the “Top 100 Beaches of Japan” by Japan Ministry of the Environment in 2006. Food stalls (Umi-no-ie) line up along the beach during the summer season with visitors & locals enjoying the calm waters.

5. Make “Yuzu” Ice Cream

Ready to cool down with ice cream? If you’re a DIY type of person, you may want to try making your own “Yuzu” Citrus Ice Cream with friends. All Yuzu Citrus are grown on Oshima Island. Only for group reservations, contact the Tourism Desk for details.

6. On to Ferry from Oshima Port

Ready to head back on the ferry to the downtown area? Check ferry schedules here (Japanese). Look for lodging on the island here.

7. Arrive at Kesennuma Port

Welcome back to Kesennuma Port!

8. Food, Gifts & Attractions at UMINOICHI

Ready for more? Check out cool souvenirs, restaurants and the local “Shark Museum” at UMINOICHI.

Official Travel Guide 

Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau

Please let us guide you for a more enjoyable experience in Kesennuma City, Japan!


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