Local Food Cooking

Learn how to make the traditional dishes of the Tohoku region with local women using locally produced vegetables and fish. The dishes include “ofukashi” (steamed rice), “hatto-jiru” (dumpling soup), “ganzuki” (steamed bread), “konnyaku” (yam cake) and “tsukudani” (various ingredients boiled in sweetened soy sauce).


Recommended Experiences


City Center & Around

Visit Tsukidate Elemantary School, a traditional-style school which was built in the 1920s, and learn how to make soba noodles by hand. Knead, roll, cut; learn the essence of soba-making from a master. This is a wonderful experience to learn about traditional Japanese food culture and make local friends!

Karakuwa Peninsula

Use locally-sourced ingredients to make udon and hatto. Or use the opportunity to prepare traditional Japanese seafood! These cooking workshops are a great chance to learn about Kesennuman culture and mingle with locals.

Oshima Island

Get together with the locals to prepare local delicacies like squid shiokara (salted squid) and make ice cream with locally grown yuzu (Japanese citrus) fruits!


Official Travel Guide 

Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau

Please let us guide you for a more enjoyable experience in Kesennuma City, Japan!


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