The Place

Located in the southeast of the Kitakami Mountain Range in the northernmost part of Miyagi Prefecture, Kesennuma is a natural port facing the Pacific Ocean, blessed with year-round tranquility. An area of 333.38km square, at the mouth of its bay, there is the beautiful island of Oshima, also known as the “Green Pearl”. The climate of the city is a moderate, oceanic type compared to that of internal Miyagi Prefecture.

The Areas

Kesennuma City can be largely divided into four main areas – City Center & Around (including the Port area and Hashikami Iwaisaki), Motoyoshi District, Karakuwa Peninsula and Oshima Island.

City Center & Around

The center and surrounding area of Kesennuma City begins with a large fishing port bustling with fishermen in the morning. Enjoy visiting unique local shops, restaurants and museums, as well as scenic spots in nature such as Mt. Anbasan and Iwaisaki. At the end of the day, dip into a hot spring to relax your mind and soul.

Motoyoshi District

With a vast area of green, Motoyoshi District is the furthest south of Kesennuma City. Spend a relaxing day at the farm with cows and ponies, or drive along the coast which is home to Oya Kaigan, a beautiful place that was once known to be the closest beach to a railway station in Japan before the tsunami.

Karakuwa Peninsula

Karakuwa Peninsula is at the far northeast of Kesennuma, bordering Iwate Prefecture. Experience the abundant nature that stretches along the area which also consists of a beautiful national park. You will be breath taken by the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean, and early risers can enjoy the panoramic sunrise against its deep blue.

Oshima Island

Oshima Island, or the “Green Pearl”, lays off the coast of Kesennuma and is home to beautiful beaches. Hike up Mt. Kameyama where you will be rewarded by a 360-degree view of the ocean and environment surrounding the island. Traveling by ferry from the port of Kesennuma will also be part of the memorable experience.

Getting There & Around

Plan Your Trip with a Route Finder

Getting around rural Japan is not nearly as complicated as in metropolitan areas, but a route finder can definitely help reduce the hassle. There are many route finders on the market, and many are free, but one we recommend for travelers to Japan is Hyperdia by Hitachi Systems, Ltd.  A great overview and how-to guide can be found here on Japan Guide.

From Tokyo / Sendai

By Train

Tokyo Station → Kesennuma Station

» Tokyo Sta. → (Approx. 2h 40m on JR Tohoku Shinkansen) → Ichinoseki Sta. → (Approx. 1h 15m on JR Ofunato Line (Rapid Train) → Kesennuma Sta.

Sendai Station → Kesennuma Station

» Sendai Sta.→ (Approx. 30min on JR Tohoku Shinkansen) → Ichinoseki Sta. → (JR Ofunato Line, Rapid Approx. 1h 15m) → Kesennuma Sta.

By Car

Tokyo Area → Kesennuma Area

» Kawaguchi JCT (Tohoku Jidoushadou, Approx. 5h) → Ichinoseki IC (Kokudou 284, 1h 10m) → Kesennuma

Sendai Area → Kesennuma Area

» Sendai Higashi IC (Sanriku Jidoushadou, Approx. 1h 30m) → Tome (Kokudou 45, Approx. 1h) → Kesennuma

By Bus

Tokyo Area → Kesennuma Area

*as of June 2017

(Willer Bus)

Ikebukuro Station → Kesennuma City Hall

23:00 → 6:07   (Approx. 7h)

Fee: Adult ¥8,380 / One way

Contact/reserve: English Reservation Page

(Iwate Kotsu Night Bus)

Ikebukuro Sta. West Exit → Kesennuma City Hall

23:00 → 6:07   (Approx. 7h)

Fee: Adult ¥8,380 / One way    ¥15,080 / Return

Contact/reserve: +81-193-25-2525

Sendai Area → Kesennuma Area

*as of June 2017

(Miyakoh Bus)

Timetable (Daily)

Bus Stop Locations

Sendai Station → Kesennuma City Hall  (Via Senmaya)

Daily Timetable (Approx. 2h30m)

11:25   →   13:55

15:20   →   17:50

Sendai Station → Kesennuma City Hall  (Via Senmaya and onto Ofunato)

Daily Timetable (Approx. 2h45m)

7:20   →   10:04

13:30   →   16:14

17:50   →   20:34

Sendai Station → Kesennuma City Hall  (Via Minamisanriku)

(Approx. 2h50m)

8:20   →   11:09

12:20   →   15:09

14:20   →   17:09

17:10   →   19:59

Kessennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau

※ Please check for the latest information as the time table/routes for public transportation as well as roads may change without notice due to the city undergoing reconstruction and or other reasons.

Getting Around the City

Kesennuma City Tour Bus

The City Tour Bus runs to and from JR Kesennuma Station to the port area, Tanakamae area, Rias Ark Museum four times a day. It operates accordingly to the time schedule of the JR Ofunato Line.

● Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau Tel. 0226-22-4560
● Miyakoh Bus Kesennuma Office Tel. 0226-22-7163


Kesennuma City Center Area

Time:  9:00〜15:00 (Return by 17:00)

Fee:  Bicycle  JPY 500 / Electric Bicycle  JPY 700 per day

● Kesennuma Station Front Tourist Information Center Tel. 0226-22-4669  (1-5-23 Furumachi, Kesennuma)

Oshima Island

Time:  9:00〜17:00

Fee:  JPY 500 per 2 hrs / JPY 1,000 per day

● Kesennuma Oshima Tourism & Convention Bureau Tel. 0226-28-3000  (108-11 Uranohama, Kesennuma)

Ferry  (Kesennuma ⇆ Oshima Island)

Time:  6:00〜19:00  (Time schedule on website)

Fee:  Adult  JPY 410 / Child  JPY 200  One-way  (Discount for groups of 15 & up)

Car-ferry  JPY 2,070 (under 4m) 〜 8,210 (under 12m)  One-way with 1 passenger

● Oshima Kisen Tel. 0226-23-3315 (1-15 Minamimachikaigan, Kesennuma / Open 8:00〜18:00)

Official Travel Guide 

Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau

Please let us guide you for a more enjoyable experience in Kesennuma City, Japan!


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