Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau Official Travel Guide

Feel the Love of the Sea,  the Love of the People,  the Love for Life.

From witnessing the beauty of living together with the ocean, to the deep tradition and culture of northern Japan's port city - here in Kesennuma, we are sure you will find a journey that is life changing.
See & Do
Kesennuma is one of the largest fishing ports of Tohoku, which leaves no question why its seafood is one of the best in Japan. The freshest delicacies of the ocean can be found here, so explore and find your favourite!
From traditional Japanese hotels with “onsen” or hot spring to camping under the stars, find unique ways to stay in Kesennuma for an unforgettable experience.

Recommended Experiences to Explore Kesennuma…

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Official Travel Guide 

Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau

Please let us guide you for a more enjoyable experience in Kesennuma City, Japan!


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